Forex Has Been The Furthest Thing From My Mind

September 8, 2007

It's been quite some time before I posted anything here.  I am definitely on a hiatus from trading and have been for a couple of months.  I'll admit that forex has been the furthest thing from my mind during this time.  I do check currency prices from time to time out of curiosity but I haven't opened a trading platform.  

The fact that I'm posting here makes me think that I'll be back trading soon.  I do miss trading forex but I did need the break.  I lived and breathed trading and blogging on Forex Project for about two years.  I just really do hate the fact that my blog has remained so static since July 12th.  It reminds me too much of the forex blogs out there on the internet where the blog postings one day just ceased.  I don't consider myself a failure trading forex, I just think my interests have been elsewhere.  Trading forex or any other instrument isn't something you can do halfway.  

I'll be back soon.

In the meantime, I've finally added additional sites and updated the Alexa rankings of 339 forex websites on http:
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