Want To Buy a Forex Trading System?

Why would you want to do something like that!  I’ve been sent many forex trading systems for free in exchange for the possibility that I’ll review it favorable.  I have yet to receive one that resembles a trading system.  Having rules for entry, exit, stop-loss and targets do not make it a trading system.  

I’m warning beginners and others after the latest trading system was sent to me.  I opened the attachment and it contained the same filler that all the others had, a brief overview of the currency market, simple rules that comprise the trading system, an attached Metatrader expert advisor and bad advice.  This particular system I had seen before though; on the Forex Factory trading system forum. The system being sold for over $80 USD was a split image of the Sidus Method that you can get for free at the forum.   The website that promotes the system is also a split image of many other forex scam websites complete with fancy cars, boats,  a friendly picture of the person selling the trading system (this isn’t really him/her) and promises of wealth.  DO NOT BUY TRADING SYSTEMS! You will get burned everytime.  Most are stolen off websites and forums.  They’re also packaged with a lot of extras (indicators, expert advisors, e-books, etc) and marketed as the next greatest thing.  You can find thousands of free forex trading systems, indicators, expert advisors, and e-books anywhere on the internet for free.

I have zero tolerance for scammers so I caution you because they’re everywhere and forex is a breeding ground for them.  Do you want to learn how to trade? Then be prepared to dedicate yourself to doing so without the thoughts of instant wealth being sold everywhere on the internet.  It’s not going to happen.  If it were happening, "traders" wouldn’t be selling you an $80 trading system.