Forex Popularity Increasing

Based on Google trends, global search volume for the term "forex" has increased steadily since 2004.

Google trend



12 Responses to “Forex Popularity Increasing”

  1. Ben on August 13th, 2008 4:25 am

    Yeah I agree with you, more and more people are searching for Forex related products. I guess people are beginning to understand how people can get rich by currency trading.

  2. Forex Trader on July 31st, 2008 1:27 pm

    This will be the next wave of money making. I have my own site and it’s growing too. Right, it’s Forex!

  3. Mike on July 22nd, 2008 10:01 am

    I think more and more people are starting to learn about forex through word of mouth. And people are starting to become mroe tech savvy, so that could also be the cause for the rise in popularity.

  4. James Woolley on July 23rd, 2008 5:56 am

    Forex trading is definitely a booming industry. You only have to look at all the new forex systems and trading platforms that are appearing all the time.

  5. Forex forum on July 23rd, 2008 6:09 am

    Forex is the best market ever, it’s always bulls.

  6. Forex Trader on July 24th, 2008 10:21 pm

    Dude u suk

  7. Forex Trader on July 26th, 2008 6:40 am

    Wow, this is very interesting. The people will love Forex.

  8. alcaudon on August 9th, 2008 9:24 pm

    One month ago… are you here??

  9. nimzoindy on August 15th, 2008 4:30 pm

    Seem like keyword for forex going nice bull on the graph. Is this trend will continue like this? Market not always bull base on my experience.

  10. Ramdom on October 20th, 2008 11:49 am

    Yes!, more and more people are reading about forex due to the amounts of money that can be made,.. and most of them will lose money and give up and some will carry one,.

    but the dark side of forex is still unknown to many of them, like many different brokers market makers and ECN and DAT systems, i was shocked to hear about bucket shops, and how market makers give you lowest speards BS then at news time you see speards raised to 20/10pips,

    and the problem is most of these Forum sites are running on comission from brokers so they will say the sun shines out of So un so broker firm,.

    But its like anyt bizz cut out the middleman,. If you got the money 5k 10k plus go with a DAT or ECN broker, the more you cut out the middel man the better, as for retail forex traders they have to change the way they trade with these retail brokers,

    sorry about the long winded post, but i think new comers to forex really dont know what they are getting them selfs into, its War out theire dont trust no one, the war is between Bulls and Bears, picking the right side is the winning key, Taking profits is what its about,. and getting out when ur in the red before blowing your whole account, stick to your local Zone,. dont trade JPY when you live in Iceland, dont trade every pair under the sun, trade 2 or 3 and get to know them like Good, REALLY GOOD!, study charts because what ever happens in the news the charts will reflect it!!!!!, you will see opportunities and thats all they are it all depends what you do with it!,.

    trading is easy just dont be greedy!! Always remember their Will be other opportunities! discipline is key!!

    Take care! 🙂

  11. sully on November 22nd, 2008 9:03 am

    There’s definitely increasing demand, especially with the recession, people want a side income and this may be a good way for people to make a little extra cash and hopefully not risk too much.

  12. Forex Trading Power on November 24th, 2008 3:41 am

    No matter what, people need to get basic training on forex trading first, and not jump into it when they do not have any knowledge at all. There are a lot of claims that forex trading is very easy and can earn lots of money in very short period of time. This is very misleading. Forex will only be easy if the trader knows the market conditions, disciplined, knows money management, some experience in trading and well versed in techical analysis.

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