Goal & Performance

My goal is simple in substance but will be difficult to achieve. I must be profitable over an 18 month to 2 year period. A 10% gain over this period is not sufficient, nor is 20%. I’m looking for at least a 50% gain or more over this period.

I’ve been trying to obtain consistent profitability over the last three years without success. Initially, I think I expected to have success after my first year of trading but that quickly changed when realism set it. Therefore, I have little doubt that I have only two years left trading forex if my goals aren’t realized. If I can’t show consistent profitability after trading for five years, I will assume that it will never happen. I don’t think my goal or intentions are unrealistic. I’ve heard countless times that in order to become proficient as a trader, you really need to give yourself three to five years.

I am still optimistic that I can achieve this goal. If I didn’t think I could, I would have given up already.

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